Susan Remmers, LCSW

Susan Profile.jpg

Susan was the shy, quiet, introverted kid; destined for the helping profession from the get- go.  As a child, she remembers feeling upset when others so meanly judged peers for being poor, for not being attractive, for being not like them. By the third grade, she was determined to help people around her, befriending and rooting for anyone who felt like an “underdog.”  One of Susan’s core beliefs is that people have an inherent right to feel joy, contentment, satisfaction with their quality of life and to have skills necessary for managing and dealing with major events, emotions and difficult circumstances in healthy constructive ways.

Susan’s ongoing personal and professional curiosity has led her to explore the concepts of pain, impact of trauma, and family dynamics paired with the awe of resiliency, recovery, mind body connection, healing and change. She believes that people are doing the best they can in the moment given the knowledge, development, abilities and experiences that have shaped them.  Each person is unique and deserves to be supported to enrich their life with new possibilities, rather than staying stuck.  The process of change and growth can be challenging, exciting, relieving and freeing.

Now as a therapist for over twenty-seven years working with high needs/high risk children, adolescents, adults and families, Susan brings experience, wisdom, humor, accountability, integrity and compassion. She strives to create safety and vulnerability while exploring barriers and issues that are problematic. Together with her clients, she competently addresses concerns such as: grief, abuse, trauma, depression, suicidal ideation, mood disorders, anxiety, anger/oppositional behaviors, self-harm and relational issues.  Her care is strongly focused on creating opportunities to understand what is happening and why, then develop interventions that will produce results for the desired outcomes. 

Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts in both Psychology and Sociology from the University of Oregon, 1989. She received her Master of Arts in Social Work from Portland State University with a Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy specialization in 1992, and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 1995.